Replacing a damaged Pressure Wash Hose Assembly

At Hoses Direct, we offer all types of hose assemblies, which includes jet wash / pressure wash hose assemblies, both for domestic and industrial use,  hot and cold water. We use Italian Hose and Fittings, these are not a Chinese Import Item.

Prices start at around £30.00 depending on the length and fittings required. If you have a low end domestic unit, it is sometimes more economical to replace the machine. If you are interest in replacing your hose then a range of the the shelf items can be seen here

We also do bespoke hose assemblies with lengths up to 100mtrs, hot and cold wash, steam wash hoses, non marking wash down hoses, and all other high pressure cleaning hose assemblies, so please get in touch with your requirements,

Hose Type

First thing to do is check what type of hose you have, these are usually one wire or two wire hoses, and it should be marked on the side of the hose with the pressure rating. Typically available in blue or black

(hose printing picture)

End Fittings

There are a couple of common end connections for pressure wash hose:

The Metric 22mm “Karcher” end – easily distinguishable with the black plastic round swivel nut on the outside, and the stem with O Ring on the inside. The should measure 20.5mm inside diameter across the threads


Karcher M22 Female

Then there’s the 3/8″ BSP End Connection, available in bot male and female threads. The male will be coned inwards, and the female coned outwards. With the male measuring 16.5mm outside diameter (O.D) across the threads, and the female measuring 15.2mm inside diameter (I.D) across the threads












Then there’s the not so common ends. From to to bottom, There is the Kew Type Male, then Kew Type Female, 10mm Karcher Type (with washer no bearing) , 11mm Karcher Type (bearing/washer), 10mm Karcher Type Fixed Washer , and finally the Karcher Type Cup Fitting .

End Cuffs

After choosing the correct end fittings, and the hose, you can then have it with out without end cuffs.  Again, available in blue or black, and help when gripping the hose

Nozzles & Lances

If you require a nozzle or lance, these can also be bought from Hoses Direct



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