Hoses Direct Supply Caddy Macrofix Clips from the UK to the USA

Supply of : Over 3000 Caddy Clips to a US Pipe Fitting Supply Company

So how did it start ?

It started off with an email back in October 2012, a Pipe Fittings Company with a  request for a large amount of Caddy Stainless Steel Macrofix Rubber Lined Pipe Clips, and Unlined Macrofix Clips, in various sizes, to be shipped out to the USA. First things first, I checked out the company on Google , and they looked to be a reputable seller, so we went through the motions of providing a quotation, looking into shipping costs and lead times. We have all seen the inbox filled with enquiries from overseas looking to buy large volumes of a product they have seen online,  is it just more junk , or could this be genuine.



After a week I received a purchase order, I thought this is too good to be true. Then after opening it I could see it was for the clips I had quoted for, but for a quantity of 1 each. The 3000 clips, turned to 16.  Before I got too disappointed I read the covering email, which stated these were a sample for approval, if they are accepted we would receive the full order. Sure…we have all heard that, get the best prices for large quantities then just order one. But, giving benefit of the doubt, we agreed and arranged an express mail back out to the States.

A few follow up emails later, We did indeed receive the full order. Excellent ! After a quick stock check it was clear we need to get on the good side of the manufacturer in order to get these out as soon s possible. With a great help from all parties involved, including 4 different shipping companies I can happily say the clips are sea bound and will be with the customer in just over a week from now.

Caddy Macrofix Clips...A lot of them

Caddy Macrofix Clips…A lot of them

One comment on “Hoses Direct Supply Caddy Macrofix Clips from the UK to the USA

  1. Phil Thomas on said:

    A job well done.

    Can you supply Hi-Grip Worm Drive Clips in Stainless Steel for fuel pipes? Looking for a qauntity of 8-10. Will need them within the next two days, delivery in Northampton.

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